Nat Boughton's Award Winning first book, Stop Managing, Start Coaching, was the first book that EVER used the concept of coaching as a leadership and management tool for executives. He took those concepts and built a robust Executive Coaching practice that as existed for more than 20 years.

His approach varies by the unique demands of each client. He has successfully collaborated with clients that have worked their way to the C-Suite, changed careers and built successful innovative organization and teams. The key is understanding the role of emotional intelligence in the career decision-making process of each individual.

His approach allows you to:

• Build Synergistic Relationships to develop deeper levels of business intimacy to drive career success (see model below)

• Define unique stakeholders (individuals and teams) that want to see you succeed and/or fail by articulating what and how you interact with them to drive business goals and objectives

• Attacks uniquely your networking environment to change your "inputs" to make you radically think about your future differently

• Focus on moving beyond work groups to building high performance participatory teams that drive business throughput

• Provide a common language for you and your stakeholders to drive execution and strategy

"Nat Boughton is a thoughtful and valued consultant who has made quite a strong and positive contribution to my personal and professional growth. He’s a straight shooter and important sounding board. Nat offers an independent perspective that is aware of the organizational context in which someone is operating, offering advice that is also aware of the value of the individual, his contributions, and the potential to contribute more."
— Executive C. Martin

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