DISCOVER: To gain insight and knowledge of your business core capabilities.

CapabilityAnalytics™: Defines WHAT you do

       Approach: Develop, define, audit and measure a taxonomy of business capabilities.

       Purpose: Articulate the "hot spots" to ensure that your organization is focused on the capabilities that drive profitability, innovation
       and operational excellence.

DetectabilityAnalytics™: Defines HOW you do it

       Approach: Conduct an intensive process review that results in prioritized opportunities to improve the value stream.

       Purpose: To uncover the potential risks, gaps and failures of your strategy and processes.

PLAN: To develop a comprehensive understanding and convention.

ElasticityAnalytics™: Defines WHO, WHERE, & WHEN you do it

       Approach: Conduct a robust identity review leveraging ERIE (Eliminate, Reduce, Innovate & Expand) to define a Value Proposition.

       Purpose: Provides functional areas with the elasticity to increase responsiveness, execution and delivery by stopping some activities
       to innovate on others.

Orchestration & Roadmap: Defines Go Forward Strategy to Growth, Innovation & Profitability

       Approach: Leverage the outputs of ALL CapabilityAnalytics™, DetectabilityAnalytics™, and ElasticityAnalytics™ data to develop a
       comprehensive roadmap of deliverables.

       Purpose: Complete the Planning portion of the improvement transformation which will include; sequencing & timeline of
       identified initiatives with estimate costs, resource ownership and resource requirements both internal and external.

DESIGN: To create a robust hierarchy of goals, objectives and requirements.

Solution Selection: Evaluate ideas against a specific set of criteria.

       Approach: Leverage data collected by Capability & Detectability Analytics to lead a "structured" review to select
       appropriate solutions based on the criteria agreed upon.

       Purpose: Ensure cost estimates, ease of implementation, permanence of the solution, impact on stakeholders and ability
       to have appropriate resources to execute solution.

Project Development: Design the process that will be used to execute the roadmap.

       Approach: Provide overall program management, or project management whether a full "office" concept or project
       management for a selected initiative.

       Purpose: Document and predict the schedule of events and activities that must be completed to ensure that the project
       comes in on time and under budget.

EXECUTE: To carry into effect the organizational changes that drive balance sheet management.

Solution Implementation: Deliver the culmination of work to complete a specific project.

       Approach: Conduct implementations and executions through "go-live" for selected solutions whether process changes,
       organizational change, people changes or technology changes using the StrategyMD proven methodology and structure.

       Purpose: Deliver solutions on time and on budget!

Continuous Improvement: Ongoing effort to improve product, services and processes.

       Approach: Use Capability and Detectability Analytics Software to continually "check" on ways to continue to drive profitability
       and growth or decrease revenue leakage and operational inefficiencies.

       Purpose: Create a continuous and repeatable process to drive change management and improvement through leveraging
       our proprietary software applications.

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