Merger of 2 large brokerage firms with 59 integration projects with limited resources Financial Services Where is the business value? What should we be doing? Can we improve process? Can we allocate resources appropriately? Identified the top 10 projects, simplified processes and increased productivity by 23%, created resource allocation model to drive collaboration and accountability.
Issues with assigning, delivering, tracking, reclaiming, reprocessing, and accounting for the employee vehicle program. Automotive Manufacturing Can we accurately identify the appropriate capabilities across the organization? Can we identify the business value and performance criteria? Can we identify the necessary projects? Can we enhance activities? 22 active and proposed projects mapped to the capabilities. 18 of the 22 projects were pointing to low value, high performing capabilities. New projects proposed and significant costs were not incurred.
Significant disconnect regarding field readiness. Increase in customer complaints by 13% and loss of several enterprise sales. Software Can we define the current state of capabilities? Can we measure business value, performance and scalability? Can we identify gaps in delivery model? Defined new organization that significantly reduced customer complaints by 9% in first quarter, and increased customer sat scores by 18%. Build new collaborative "rules of engagement" sales model.
Technology is the primary solution to all organizational efficiency issues Accounting & Consulting Is the current IT Project model successful? What can be scalable? What organizational structure will support business? Can we increase efficiency? Can we build organizational structure to support growing business? Reduced and consolidated 134 IT projects down to 63. Created a PMO that reduced Op Ex by 30% by removing the role of business consultants.
Mortgage Company spent millions on an imaging system to improve throughput and prevent lost applications Financial Services What are the key drivers of throughput? What are the brokers main complaints? What capabilities are differentiating for the brokers? Which capabilities comprise the risk profile? Reduced loan approval process to less than 3 days. Eliminated data recollection. Focused energies on the critical data for approval collection upfront, reduced broker contact points to one person and automated the visibility into the process.
Poor product execution and delivery Software What is the business value? What areas are immature? What is scalable? What is performing poorly? How interconnected is the capability? Identified transition from Product Management to Development to QA was inconsistent. Defined new throughput process model that increased efficency of product execution by 23%. Development was not listening to customers, created new Customer Council.
IT was incapable of developing enterprise repeatable solutions for global expansion. Accounting & Consulting What has high global business value? What is legacy issues? What is performing? How interconnected is the capability? What is the maturity level? Defined new functions for global expansion which included both Enterprise Architecture and Project Management. Increased diagnostic ability by 16% by eliminating unwanted steps in the delivery chain.
Capacity at current site was reached. What would it take to bring another facility online and could we significantly reduce the effort to go live. Manufacturing What are the mission critical capabilities? Which capabilities have the greatest business value to our customers? Which of the capabilities are not scalable? Reduced planning time by 9 months. Identified areas of the organization where the systems would break with additional volume. Identified and addressed crucial customers service issues.
Acquisition candidate and needed to know what would decrease the price to potential suitors Manufacturing What areas of the business are not performing? Where is the immaturity in both process and technology? What is not currently scalable? Identify 5 areas of highest business value. Documented policies and procedures in these areas. Rewrote pricing model and price book. Increased value by approximately 7%.

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